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Ukraine pushing for return of Crimea

15/01 01:12 CET

Ukraine pushing for return of Crimea
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Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says he is seeking help from the EU and the US in securing the return of Crimea to Ukrainian sovereignty.

The peninsula was annexed by Russia in March 2014 amidst conflict in eastern Ukraine.

One result of the ongoing unrest is that Crimea’s electricity infrastructure has been sabotaged and the region suffers regular power cuts.

Russia can’t yet provide enough power and Poroshenko is attaching conditions to Ukraine stepping in:

“We’ll immediately sign a new agreement and provide power to Crimea, but the contract must say that electricity will be supplied to Crimea as part of Ukraine.”

As far as the wider conflict over Ukraine is concerned Poroshenko made it clear he expects Russia to honour the commitments it’s made.

Ukraine is demanding a clear time line for Russia to fulfill its part of the Minsk agreements.

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