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"Mountains may depart" asks where is China going?


"Mountains may depart" asks where is China going?

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This week’s Cinema Box contains Jia Zhangke’s latest movie. “Mountains may depart”, which manages to be an intimate yet powerful portrayal of contemporary China.

The film centres on the life of Tao, an easygoing young woman full of joy who has two suitors; one rich and ambitious, the other a coal-miner. She must choose one to be her husband, and the film shows the consequences of her choice over two generations.

It takes place in three periods, 1999, then in 2015, ending in the future, in 2025.

The film shows the evolution of China, the impact of globalisation, and the changes both have on people’s daily lives. Especially interesting is the director’s vision of the future of the country and its identity.

More than just a portrait of China, “Mountains may depart” is an everywoman story with which the audience can easily identify, and is a quality movie to start the year with.

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