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Earthquake strikes northeast India's Manipur state


Earthquake strikes northeast India's Manipur state

An earthquake has struck northeastern India, causing a number of casualties. The tremor with a reported magnitude of 6.7 hit before dawn in Manipur state, which borders Myanmar.

The epicentre was around 30 kilometres from the state capital Imphal, where several buildings were damaged. Rescue workers battled to find workers believed to have been buried beneath the rubble of a building that had been under construction.

The earthquake was felt in Myanmar – where officials initially said there were no reports of damage – and in Bangladesh and Nepal, where people ran from their homes.

Reports on Monday afternoon local time said at least 11 people had died with some 200 injured in the overnight quake. Six died in India and five in Bangladesh, officials said.

“Everybody came out into the open. Everyone who has two to three-storey houses are here and everybody is scared now,” said Babu Lal, a resident of Imphal.

Rescue efforts have been hampered by severed power supplies and communications links in the remote region.

Hospitals in Imphal have been treating the injured; many people had been at home asleep at the time.

“I was at home when the earthquake struck and soon after, I came here to help with treating the injured,” said paramedic Tutul Longdeb.

The airport remained open with flights reported as normal, although a boundary wall collapsed and a crack appeared in the terminal building.

The army has begun clearing debris but is said to be short of heavy equipment. Rescue teams have been sent from Guwahati in neighbouring Assam state.


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