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UK: severe flooding forces residents from their homes

United Kingdom

UK: severe flooding forces residents from their homes

Repeated heavy rains have left parts of England, Scotland and Wales under water, with fields flooded and roads resembling rivers.

In Lancashire, in northern England, emergency workers and the army have been building defences and ferrying in rescue equipment.

Hundreds have been evacuated from their homes. Their Christmas celebrations have become a complete wash out.

“We are not yet at the point where we know how bad it is going to be. The water levels are still rising, so it’s very much a wait and see and we continue to plan for the worst case,” said Hamish Cormack, from the British Arny.

Thirty “severe” flood warnings have been issued – each one meaning that people face possible loss of life, if they don’t take extreme caution.

Eric Brotherton, who lives in Ribchester, is among the residents battling against the elements.

“We’ve built two, three temporary walls and it has just flooded it, so now we’re on the top and I’ve got neighbours, family from Blackburn, London, what can you do? You have just got to do what you can,” he said.

As weather warnings are issued for rain, snow, wind and fog, the government’s emergency response team is coordinating rescue plans.

For those hit by the flooding, this Christmas is one they will never forget, and for all of the wrong reasons.

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