International investors keen on #InvestEU

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International investors keen on #InvestEU

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Jyrki Katainen, Vice-President, European Commission

Yeah, I am confident that we will manage to finance projects in worth 315 billion in 2 and a HALF years or so. We are open for foreign investment and China is one of the countries which has indicated very clearly that they would like to invest more in Europe. And now we have a joint working group. Joint means European Union, European Investment Bank and Chinese Authorities, which tries to find the best possible vehicle for Chinese investors to invest in Europe. Currently China is investing quite heavily in Europe. Last year it was €18 billion. They are mostly investing in existing assets but now, and buying assets directly, like energy networks or real estate or things like that. But now we want to give them more opportunities to invest through special vehicles, through investment platforms etc. And those same platforms are open for any other countries. So we are not tailor mading ((making)) Chinese solutions – because Chinese money is as important as European money, American money or Gulf region money.

Maithreyi Seetharaman:
Who else is showing interest?

Jyrki Katainen:
There are many countries from the Gulf region – also some American companies have been interested in. I also visited in Singapore where some fund managers said they are planning to invest more in Europe and they were interested into look at the opportunities. Not only to invest in Real Estate but also to Brownfield sector