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'Mia Madre': a graceful portrait of grief


'Mia Madre': a graceful portrait of grief

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“Mia Madre,” by award-winning Italian director Nanni Moretti, paints the moving portrait of a woman faced with her mother’s death.

The movie revolves around Marguerita, a successful film director. Her mother is in the hospital. The film’s shooting doesn’t go well, and Marguerita’s relations with the real, outside world become difficult. Between the demands of her work and her own trouble in accepting the loss of her mother, Marguerita struggles with an emotional storm.

The film has an autobiographical dimension, but Nanni Moretti chose a woman as the lead protagonist while he plays the role of the calm brother — too calm perhaps to help his sister deal with her uncertainties and anxieties.

Nanni Moretti shares with us his doubts and his nightmares. There’s a lot of sadness in Mia Madre, but also touches of grace and humor.

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