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Fleur East gets Saxy with her debut album

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Fleur East gets Saxy with her debut album

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Do you like sax? It appears to be very much on British artist Fleur East’s mind, and on her debut album, “Love, Sax and Flashbacks”.

The first single, “Sax,” an infectious pop/funk track, has already reached number three in the U.K. charts after its release in early November. And she returned to TV show the X- Factor that gave her her first big break to show the song off.

“‘Sax’ is a very cheeky song. It’s an extended metaphor. Basically talking about going through life and trying to find Mr. Right and every man that comes in and out of your life is just not right, not quite hit the nail on the head, they can’t really play that sax for you. So whatever play that sax means to you is what it’s all about and it’s all very sassy and fun and uptempo and I love it,” says Fleur.

The old school meets new school record is a combination of sounds and influences that she’s been busy working on since finishing in second place on last year’s U.K. version of “The X Factor.” But is it basically a funk album?

“I think it’s a salute to many different old school styles. So funky is one of them but we’ve also got old school hip hop influences, disco, loads of ’80s-style sounds are in there.
Funnily enough because I was definitely influenced by music my parents played when I grew up, you know Michael Jackson, so many different influences are thrown in there,” she says.

Fleur East’s debut album “Love, Sax and Flashbacks” is out on 4 December.


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