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Earth 2045 (SPP)

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Earth 2045 (SPP)

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SPP – one of Sweden’s largest pension management companies – has been working with sustainability for over 20 years. They only invest in environmentally sound and ethical ways, and since they are investing tremendous amounts of money every year, it makes a huge difference that everything is invested sustainably. Small choices can make a big difference, as we call the concept. Since it’s hard to visualize the future, we wanted to give a real feeling of how it could be and show two fictive versions of it – one based on sustainability and the other on non-sustainability – simultaneously. We were inspired by before-and-after photos from the earthquake in Haiti which used a slider, and decided to use it in an interactive film where you through the slider can choose which version to see. And by controlling the content you are making small choices – and seeing immediate consequences. We created an interactive film to be experienced online (on desktop). The film was promoted through short, trailer like versions (with a direct link to the film), pre rolls on YouTube, and trough video banners, banners and digital OOH. We also used extensive PR and the link to the film has been spread extensively on Twitter. We just launched the campaign September 30th, so it’s too soon to draw any final results. But it has been very well received indeed. It has been taken up by large magazines and blogs such as AdWeek, Fastco, Ads of the World and Creativity Online, and has been spread extensively on Twitter. We see a day in the world in the year 2045 in a sustainable and in a non-sustainable version. The two versions are separated through a slider, and through it the viewers can control and choose which version to watch and compare the difference. The slider moves seamlessly and both sound effects and music are affected.We open on a building and see an elderly woman pull a curtain to the side.We see the difference between the sustainable and the non-sustainable world, with green trees and futuristic technological buildings in the sustainable one and roads, concrete and worn down buildings in the non-sustainable.We cut to a bathroom where a man is helping his daughter brush her teeth. In the non-sustainable version, the water running from the tap is dirty.Then we see the news with reports of a new solar energy park in Sahara/energy restrictions and riots throughout Europe; a city where a lady is walking with a stroller/a homeless lady with a shopping cart; a group of children having cake at a picnic/a group of children wearing air pollution masks and so on. Message: How do you want the world to be when you retire? Save sustainably.
Country : Sweden
Agency : M&C Saatchi Stockholm
Advertiser : SPP

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