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Everyday innovation at CES New York unveiled


Everyday innovation at CES New York unveiled

CES Unveiled New York’ is a global consumer electronics technology tradeshow.

On the menu the latest devices in smart home, health and wellness, sports, robotics, automotives, and virtual reality.

Something popular is brewing in the fertile minds of those of those at Pico Brew. It is a small counter-top brewery appliance that makes rustling up some soothing booze as easy as operating a microwave oven.

Avi Giger explains the beauty of Pico Brew:
“The big thing is you can brew beers that you can’t even get because they’re not accessible or unobtainable. If you want a beer like that fresh, you’re not going to get it unless you go make the pilgrimage to the brewery, wherever it is. And some of those beers trade for crazy amounts, you’re talking about beers that $15 a bomber and you can brew that for a dollar or two a bottle. It’s not really a cost thing it’s really about access and having the ability to have fresh custom beer.”

Sensor Sphere is a robotic ball is equipped with a high-definition camera and several sensors that can detect things like temperature, humidity, smoke and carbon dioxide.

Omar Barlas is the Sensor Sphere founder:
“With Sensor Sphere you only need one ball and you can drive it around from one room to another and it can stream live video, audio, temperature and humidity information and even smoke information if there is a fire in your home. So it’s going to send you an alert message so you can drive the ball into the situation and see if it’s a serious situation or if it’s just a normal thing.”

Adidas has created a hi-tech football with internal sensors that measure most things involved in being a football.

Vinti Bhatnagar is a spokesperson for Adidas: “The soccer ball actually has inside of it a tri-axial accelerometer and some sensors that’s able to pick up on the speed, the flightpath, the rotation or the spin and give an almost instantaneous feedback through the companion app on how you did with your kick.”

Wearality is a snap-on headset that will attach to many smartphones. Wearality‘s glasses use innovative optics that make it much easier and cheaper to view and enjoy virtual reality applications.

Sculpt is a device that can measure a person’s body fat and muscle mass. You select the muscle of your body you want to measure, then you spray the muscle with water add the sensor and then you see the results on the app on your smartphone.

Jose Bohorquez is from Sculpt:“It’s the first device that lets you measure your fat content and your muscle quality so you could see how much fat you’re losing and how much muscle you’re gaining and how you’re getting stronger. It can measure up to 24 individual muscles throughout your body and you can get a total body estimate of your total body fat with just three muscles, triceps, abs and quads.”

The exhibition of innovation featured 36 exhibitors, including 12 startups.

If you love the latest check out CES 2016, which takes place in Las Vegas, in January.

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