Schäuble's 'refugee avalanche' remark whips up storm in Germany

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Schäuble's 'refugee avalanche' remark whips up storm in Germany

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German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble has caused a political storm by his comments on the migrant crisis.

In an apparent swipe at his boss Angela Merkel Schäuble said Germany may be facing “an avalanche” of refugees.

He said: “You can trigger avalanches when a rather careless skier goes on to the slope … and moves a bit of snow.”

Twitter went into overdrive, Die Zeit tweeted: “Sharp criticism against Schäuble’s avalanche remark.”

German justice minister Heiko Maas claimed: “People in need are not a natural disaster. We should have a debate without pouring oil onto the fire.”

Left wing, Die Linke MP
Bernd Riexinger, pulled no punches:
“Not an avalanche, but a boomerang of your ruthless politics.”

The crisis has caused Merkel’s popularity to plummet and her refugees welcome policy is causing ructions within the ruling CDU/CSU coalition.

Merkel is also under fire from the traditional centre of German politics and the extreme-right, which continues to launch attacks on refugee shelters.