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World Travel Market 2015 interview – Dennis Englund, Denmark


At the World Travel Market 2015 in London, the leading event for the global travel industry, euronews spoke to Dennis Englund from the UK office of VisitDenmark how Denmark impresses especially British tourists holidaying in the Northern European country.

Although people tend to think that London is so big and you have everything, in fact we have many things to offer in Copenhagen that you cannot do in London. Take Danish gastronomy, the authenticity that goes into the Danish kitchen. Look at “Noma”, the best restaurant in the world, set the direction 10 years ago in terms of the Danish kitchen. That has spread into a gastronomy culture now that you get across a lot of restaurants. Copenhagen is a city you bike in, which is certainly a huge difference to London. Tourists love to be part of the city. We are an old kingdom, we have a heritage with Brits in terms of our Viking history, plus the oldest royal house in the world, and the Brits they buy into that.

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