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"The rise and fall of Ingrid Bergman. And rise" - an exhibition


"The rise and fall of Ingrid Bergman. And rise" - an exhibition

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“Musica” went to Marstrand, an island immersed in the Swedish landscapes that Ingrid Bergman so cherished. It’s in this southwestern region, not far from Gothenburg, that Hitchcock’s muse spent her summers.

The Strandverket gallery has devoted an exhibition to the late actress, who would have turned 100 this year. Its curator Hasse Persson talked to “Musica” about the beloved Hollywood icon:

“I met her a few times in her later years in New York, and I was very impressed by her, she was a fantastic personality, she was presidential in a way: you don’t touch, you don’t hug, you don’t kiss… she kept her distance but she was very impressive as a human being. The fact that her mother died when she was two years old, her father died when she was 12, she actually didn’t have a family from the age of 13, so security was a very important part of her life.

“Also, it seems that for her it was most important to work, and to be the best, and try the very best throughout her career. So, work came first, and in that sense she was maybe a feminist in a way that she wanted to do it her own way, she was very dedicated to her work, and maybe family and the rest were second to her work.

“She was very beautiful, a stunning beauty, and she was very natural. That was a little shocking to Hollywood, where they made up people, they fixed their teeth, they fixed their noses, and she came there saying ‘I don’t want to wear makeup, I want to be as natural as possible’, and that’s what she did, and a lot of people fell in love with her.”

The exhibition “The Rise and Fall of Ingrid Bergman. And Rise”, which has already toured the United States (Washington and San Francisco), will stop next in Riga and in Stockholm, until June 2016.

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