US investigators say Chris Harper Mercer, who shot nine people dead at a community college in Oregon, had access to at least thirteen weapons.

The 26-year-old walked into a writing class on Thursday in Roseburg. He opened fire, hitting some students multiple times.

As well as the nine people killed a further seven were injured.

He was eventually shot dead by police.

“So far we’ve recovered 13 weapons,” ATF assistant field agent Celina Núñez told a press conference. “Out of those 13 weapons we currently have in custody, six were recovered at the school and seven were recovered at the shooter’s residence. In addition to the weapons recovered we also were able to recover a flak jacket. It was recovered lying next to the rifle at the school. The jacket had steel plates along with five magazines.”

In a show of solidarity on Friday residents in Roseburg queued up to donate blood to help the injured victims.

“This is the only thing in our power right now that we can do to help the victims after the senseless shooting and that’s what the community is pulling together for, to come out and do what we can to help them out,” said Sean Hart, one of those waiting to give blood.

The Oregon shooting is the latest in a series of high-profile mass killings across the US that has again led to fresh demands for stricter gun control.


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