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The Lesson: a tale of right and wrong from Bulgaria


The Lesson: a tale of right and wrong from Bulgaria

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Bulgarian filmmakers Grozeva Kristina and Peter Valchanov master the art of suspense in The Lesson, a morality tale centred around a theft.

The film is set in a small Bulgarian village. After a theft in her classroom, a teacher attempts to teach her students a lesson. Meanwhile, at home, she is facing serious financial problems of her own. Her husband hasn’t paid back a bank loan and instead used the money to buy a part for his caravan. She has just three days to pay the debt and avoid her house being repossessed.

One of the film’s strongest moments comes as it transforms from drama into social thriller. Will the teacher be able to pay off her debt without sacrificing her principles?

The Lesson has been awarded many international prizes and is the first feature-length film from the two Bulgarian directors, a team that we will be keeping an eye out for in future.

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