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Watersports technology in the swim at Interboot 2015


Watersports technology in the swim at Interboot 2015

Visitors to Interboot 2015
cast off into the world of watersports in Friedrichshafen, southern Germany. Around 500 exhibitors from 20 nations present products and industry innovations in the areas of motorboats, sailboats and other fun marine sports.

According to Andreas Kling, a German watersports expert, “The trend is actually that watersports like wakeboarding are becoming mainstream sports. A lot of people have taken up wakeboarding, as well as paddleboarding. There are competitions, and recreational events, but there are, of course, thousands of people doing these sports. So the trend is that these new types of watersports have edged their way in and become mainstream.”

Showcased at Interboot, the Thunder Tiger Seawolf is the first submarine drone to carry a GoPro camera which sends live underwater videos directly to a smartphone app. It can be controlled by remote, go over 3 km/h and as deep as 10 m. Battery life ranges from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on use. It is on the market for 1,500 euros.

Thunder Tiger presented another GPS technology, its prototype ‘Quadrocopter’ with fish-catching capability. Its purpose is to transport baited fishing hooks to locations that cannot be easily reached by casting from a boat.

Also on display, an electric powered watersports island. The brainchild of Austrian start-up Chilli Island, its three palm leaves serve as shade covers, which the user can adjust to their sun preference.

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