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Oscar-contender explores Roma enslavement


Oscar-contender explores Roma enslavement

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This week Cinema Box is bringing you the latest movie by Romanian director Radu Jude. ‘Aferim’ is at once a black comedy, a Western and a historical drama about the exploitation of man by man.

The year is 1835. A police officer and his son are searching the Wallachia region of Romania in search of a gypsy accused of seducing the wife of an aristocrat. Their quest results in a journey full of adventures.

The crude dialogues bear witness to the racism, xenophobia and misogyny of society at the time – an archaic world where the Roma people were sold as slaves.

‘Aferim’ portrays the final tremors of Europe’s feudal system in a region which the Ottoman and Russian empires were fighting over.

The Romanian director’s aim is to make a film about the past, which will shed light on contemporary society and not just on Romania. Thanks to his meticulous production, Radu Jude portrays a brutal reality without passing judgement on the characters – he leaves that up to the viewer.

We hope you enjoy the movie, see you next week.

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