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Cecil: Mugabe blames 'foreign vandals'


Cecil: Mugabe blames 'foreign vandals'

The fallout from the death of Cecil the Lion continues.

It is being reported that Zimbabwe has lifted the temporary ban on big-game hunting brought in days after the iconic lion was shot by trophy hunters last month, prompting international outrage.

Speaking on Zimbabwe’s Heroes Day, President Robert Mugabe appeared to suggest the forces of imperialism were to blame:

“They are vandals who come from all over of course. Some may be just ordinary visitors, but there are others who want to vandalise.”

Two men have been charged in connection with the iconic lion’s death.

A trial has been set for September.

Calls remain for the American dentist who shot Cecil to be extradited and charged over his part in the events.

Walter Palmer insists he was relying on the advice of his guides.


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