Noisy supercars could be banned from London borough

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By Euronews
Noisy supercars could be banned from London borough

A stroll through one of London’s most exclusive neighbourhoods will more than likely include crossing paths with some of the most expensive vehicles on the market.

But the owners of these roaring supercars may be forced to pay fines or potentially face prosecution for being a nuisance to locals.

“The real problem for us is at night when they race up and down Sloane Street, amongst other places,” explained affected resident Panda Morgan Thomas. “They make a really horrific noise and it’s quite impossible to sleep,” she added.

Kensington and Chelsea borough have begun consultation on whether they should prohibit the revving of engines, rapid acceleration and playing loud music.

Iraqi boxing champion, Riyadh al-Azzawi, who owns a golden Ferrari, said he agrees with the decision to limit the noise levels in the area because it will “stop these people” from “ruining” their image. He claims owners of supercars drive them because they “love cars, driving around, taking pictures”. He believes it’s a “nice” thing to do.

The special order would affect the streets around the famous Harrods department store in Knightsbridge and would be introduced in September.