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'La Isla Minima' superbly crafted drama is a Goya galático


'La Isla Minima' superbly crafted drama is a Goya galático

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This week we bring you ‘La Isla Minima’ by Alberto Rodriguez, a beautifully shot film noir, which swept the board at the Goyas, Spain’s equivalent of the Oscars, picking up 10 awards including Best Film and Best Director.

The film is set in Andalucia, 1980. A pair of detectives from Madrid are sent to Spain’s deep south to investigate the mysterious disappearance of two sisters. They soon discover the mystery is linked to other unsolved cases in the region.

The film’s superb cinematography captures in menacing detail the wilderness of the Andalucian marshland as the plot unfolds in the suffocating summer heat.

Mesmerising aerial shots of the sprawling river emphasise the sense of isolation of this rural community.

Through his main protagonists, a veteran detective with Franco-era methods and a young police officer aspiring for change, Rodriguez portrays a country at once looking back and forwards.

‘La Isla Minima’, a superbly crafted drama by Alberto Rodriguez, will keep you on the edge of your seat right up until the final twist. Enjoy the movie and see you soon!

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