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Greece: deal greeted with relief but also anger

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Greece: deal greeted with relief but also anger

In Greece, there are those who think any deal is better than no deal.

But others are angry, thinking that Germany has rammed yet more austerity down their already parched throats.

“Germany destroys Europe”, said one headline, “after a night of suspense”.

On the streets, some are definite. “This is the third time in recent history that Germany has taken advantage of its power to lay waste to Europe, said one man Euronews spoke to. “It is going to be very difficult to mend the rift between Greece and Germany and the North of Europe.”

Others are unsure. “We are sailing into uncharted waters,” one woman told Euronews, “that’s why we made so many compromises. Otherwise we would have left the euro. We made this deal because we don’t know what is going to happen next. But we can’t accept everything. I am very anxious to learn the details of the agreement.”

And some are resigned. “Germany’s stance didn’t surprise me,” said another man. “Germany is a very strict country, driven by the rules. Their priority is to protect their own interests, that’s why they have a strong economy.”

Euronews’ Athens correspondent Nikoletta Kritikou says Greeks followed the marathon negotiations in Brussels with a mounting feeling of suspense. Most think what lies ahead will be extremely hard for the country. Parliament is expected to pass the new reform measures demanded by the Eurogroup at a session on Wednesday.


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