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Weary Greeks await country's fate with resignation


Weary Greeks await country's fate with resignation

Weary from years of austerity, months of turbulent negotiations with international paymasters – and finally a referendum where a “No” has brought about a reluctant “Yes” anyway – if there’s any solace for ordinary Greeks it’s perhaps that at last, things seem to be coming to a head: with a concerted effort to stay in the eurozone.

Ahead of the crucial decisions to be taken in Brussels, on the streets of Athens there was a feeling of resignation on Saturday morning.

“Any sane Greek person has no expectations, nothing ever changes. It’s the same suit worn differently. They simply put it on inside out, to make it look cleaner, as it’s dirty on the outside. What expectations should we have? It’s a premeditated plan to prevent the people from rising up. Whether we voted yes or no, it’s the same thing,” said one man.

“Since 2010, I’ve never been optimistic. I’m always expecting the worst,” another added.

In contrast, a woman interviewed was optimistic: “I think we are going to the Eurogroup well prepared. I hope the decisions reached there will be the best possible for Greece. Greece’s path belongs in Europe, in the European Union, not outside it and outside the eurozone. Let’s hope everything works out,” she said.

Euronews correspondent in Athens, Panos Kitsikopoulos, said:
“Despite Friday’s night consensus in parliament, uncertainty still looms. Indeed, Greeks have different opinions. However, there is common ground in most people’s expectations: with the crucial Eurogroup meeting there are hopes that a deal can be struck to keep Greece inside the core of the EU, namely the single currency bloc.”


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