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Beware 'The Red Spider' and heed 'The Sound of Trees' at Karlovy Vary


Beware 'The Red Spider' and heed 'The Sound of Trees' at Karlovy Vary

Polish director Marcin Koszałka took to the red carpet at the Karlovy Vary Film Festival to present his feature film, ‘The Red Spider,’ in competition for the Crystal Globe accolade.

Set in 1960’s Krakow the main protagonist, Karol, discovers the body of a young boy and goes on the hunt for a serial killer known as the ‘Red Spider.’

The director says the film is a study of evil:
“This is actually a film about a desire for evil. And this evil cannot be named, this evil has no definition, you cannot describe it. Every attempt at describing this evil in my case would be hopeless. The same way as you cannot describe why someone wants to be evil or why someone is inspired by something,”

‘The Red Spider’ is a dark, nervy, compelling movie.

Also vying for the Crystal Globe is ‘The Sound of Trees’ by the Canadian filmmaker François Péloquin.

The film follows 17-year-old Jérémie, a boy who dreams of a life away from the small, rustic town where he lives.

Adolescence is a concept that fascinates the director: “Teenagers are really interesting to me because it’s the moment where everything is blurred, you’re looking back to where you’re from, you’re not sure you wannna belong to that. It’s an interesting moment where you have to grow yourself out of the herd that brought you up.”

The Karlovy Vary Film Festival runs until July 11 in the Czech Republic.

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