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Foreign TV channels camp out in Athens as nation awaits fallout from "No" vote


Foreign TV channels camp out in Athens as nation awaits fallout from "No" vote

The eyes of the world have been on Greece in the days building up to the referendum, with the unfolding of events there likely to have implications far and wide.

For many reporters on the ground it was difficult to assess how things would go in Sunday’s vote.

Julien Neny, a journalist from the French iTELE channel, told euronews: “It really was a surprise for the French journalists. Of course Greece is going to be much stronger in negotiations with the country’s creditors.

“But it’s very difficult to say how things will go. It’s the first time this kind of referendum has been held in a country like this.”

Maria Casado, a Spanish television journalist from TVE, said: “I think today, July the 5th, 2015, is a historic day, not only for Greece but for the whole European Union. I also believe that with the “no” victory, the crucial thing now is what the answer will be from Europe.”

As Greece awaits the official reactions and decisions by creditors, experts are attempting to make sense of what the “no” vote will mean in reality.

Our correspondent in Athens, Akis Tatsis, said thousands of reporters from around the world have been in Athens, recording all of the dramatic developments minute by minute.

And the cameras will stay in place, as everyone waits to see what happens in the wake of the referendum result.


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