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A powerful comedy on class struggle in Brazil


A powerful comedy on class struggle in Brazil

This week in Cinema Box: a pearl of Brazilian comedy. ‘The Second Mother’ by Anna Muylaert is a comedy based on class struggle in a country undergoing sweeping change.

The film tells the story of a maid working for a rich São Paulo family. Val is considered a member of the family, she has raised her boss’ son as if he were her own, but she sleeps in a small room at the back of the house.

One day, the maid’s daughter arrives in town to pass her university entrance tests. The balance within the household implodes.

Portraying the social inequalities of modern Brazilian society, Anna Muylaert avoids clichés, showing the complexity of the characters and taking the viewer down unexpected paths.

The film’s many comedy moments pay homage to lead actress Regina Case’s great talent.

‘The Second Mother’, which took the audience award in the Berlin Film Festival’s Panorama section, offers a healthy mix of sarcasm and hope. We hope you enjoy the film, see you soon.

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