CES has Asian premiere in Shanghai

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CES has Asian premiere in Shanghai

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The Consumer Electronics Show, a popular fair held annually in Las Vegas, has had its Asian premiere in Shanghai.

Wearable devices, smart home-systems, intelligent cars and much more – some 200 exhibitors attended the event in China, one of the fastest developing markets for consumer electronics, especially smart products.

Visitors were able to taste food cooked by a robotic chef, the first of its kind according to its creators. Designed by London-based Moley Robotics, the automated kitchen consists of two large robotic arms which concoct dishes based on an iTunes-like library of recipes. The robot “learns” recipes by recording a real chef’s movements with a motion capture process involving 3D cameras.

“You can choose any kind of dish, from any kind of chef in the world and it takes the ingredients and cooks everything automatically,” said Moley Robotics founder Mark Oleynik.

G-Wearables, a Chinese company based in Beijing, launched its latest musical device, the ‘Gogo-S’ ear piece. It consists of two independent wearable devices which connect via Bluetooth, rather than using traditional wires. It is also equipped with an optical sensor, which monitors a person’s heartbeat through their ears.

“When you put them on, the two pieces are independent from each other, no need for wires or a headband. This means your movements are free, when working out for example,” said G-Wearables brand director Li Qiaowei.

And Chinese company Beijing Palo Alto Tech presented Cool Glass One, a low price version of the now abandoned Google Glass. Priced between US$ 330 and US$ 500, it has a touchpad on the side, allowing users to control the device by swiping through an interface displayed on screen. There is also a camera, which takes photos and records videos, that can be sent to Android phones. It should be available online from August.

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