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"Labyrinth of Lies" - post-war Germany's dilemma over Nazi past


"Labyrinth of Lies" - post-war Germany's dilemma over Nazi past

It lacks perhaps the tinge of madness to make it a great movie, but there are good reasons to see “Labyrinth of Lies”. Giulio Ricciarelli’s film shows how German society faced up to the crimes of the Nazi regime.

The action of the film begins in 1958 in Frankfurt undergoing reconstruction after the war: A young lawyer discovers documents that show responsibility for many Germans in Auschwitz crimes. But the desire to seek the truth does not please everyone.

The main theme of this film is the conflict between those who want to forget the past in the name of national reconciliation and those who demand justice.

The film shows that it was not only a section of German society that wanted to forget the past. In the 1960s, denazification was no longer a priority for the United States.

Giulio Ricciarelli’s first film is not very original in its directing, but the story, told like a thriller, is effective.

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