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Djibouti refugees: a confluence of the desperate


Djibouti refugees: a confluence of the desperate

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Djibouti has long been a transit point for migrants on the move from Africa to the Arabian Peninsula and beyond. Since the intensification of fighting in Yemen it has also become a destination for people fleeing the conflict there.

This small nation on the Horn of Africa is now a confluence of streams of refugees coming from opposite directions, desperately trying to escape violence, poverty and hopelessness. Yet, as the numbers grow, Djibouti is struggling to cope. It is powerless to stem the human tide and is seeking assistance from the international community.

In this edition of Reporter Valerie Gauriat meets some of the migrants languishing in a refugee camp nestled on the lower slopes Djibouti’s arid mountains. She hears harrowing stories of shattered lives and broken dreams. Offering another perspective, she also talks to a former people smuggler who explains how she got involved in this tragic, pitiless trade.

Watch the video to see the report in full.

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