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Sturgeon promises a louder voice for Scotland in Westminster

United Kingdom

Sturgeon promises a louder voice for Scotland in Westminster

Scottish Nationalist leader Nicola Sturgeon may not have a share of power in a Labour coalition government as she had hoped, but the election was a massive victory for her nonetheless.

Some may argue her promising to support Labour may have driven English voters to the Tories, but in Scotland she reigns supreme.

‘‘I think historic is one of these words that’s often overused, but actually in these circumstances, I’m not sure it even quite covers it. The tectonic plates of Scottish politics shifted yesterday. This is a massive, massive result, we saw some swings that have never been seen before in the history of Westminster politics. Clearly, there is an appetite to change in Scotland and there is a very, very strong desire for Scotland’s voice to be heard more loudly, and that’s the job of these 56 SNP MPs that are heading to the House of Commons,” she said.

Sturgeon now has a rock-solid mandate in Scotland which, for now, remains in the United Kingdom. But if Britain decides in the EU referendum to quit, it is highly likely Scotland will refuse, and break away.


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