People are reporting larger queues than they have ever seen before at some of the 50,000 polling stations now open across the UK.

That is on top of record numbers who have registered to vote online, hinting at a huge increase in participation.

euronews asked a few voters what made them come out today:

One said: “I think this election is incredibly close between the parties and a hung parliament is very likely.”

“Therefore, everyone’s vote matters, all the more given how close it is at national level.”

Another said: “This time I’ll definitely be voting because there is a genuine choice and I think you should do it, because you have the right to do it and you should exercise your right to do it I think.”

“When we look at the country the way it is today, everybody needs to be heard,” said another voter.

Another just hoped for an outright winner: “I certainly hope that whoever comes in gets a significant, big enough majority to make a difference. I think if it’s too close and we have too many groups in coalition, government becomes quite difficult.”

The apparent high turn out goes against years of decline, with only 65.1 percent of those eligible voting in 2010.

There will be no official figures until the votes are counted.

The voting stations close at 10pm local time.


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