Vodafone Hungary abolishes roaming charges

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Vodafone Hungary abolishes roaming charges

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Vodafone Hungary has abolished all roaming charges for private and business clients.

Customers using the Red package will receive the same services at the same price whether they are in Hungary or abroad.

Diego Massidda from Vodafone Hungary says the decision makes sense for the Hungarian market:“This is something we have developed in Hungary specifically for the Hungarian market which makes sense for the Hungarians, because of course we are surrounded by a number of different countries with very strong Hungarian communities living there and therefore this would be a very attractive offer also for those Hungarians who spend a lot of time there or have relatives and family there.”

Vodafone Hungary is one of the first telecommunication companies in Europe to abolish roaming and the impact will be closely watched by competitors and the wider Vodafone family.

Our correspondent in Budapest is Andrea Hajagos:“After this announcement the question is whether other companies will abolish roaming charges before the current date for the end of all roaming charges in 2018.”