Will Windows 10 spell the end for passwords?

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Will Windows 10 spell the end for passwords?

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For the frequently forgetful, it could prove to be a lifeline: Microsoft has announced what could lead to the phasing out of computer passwords.

Computers running the new Windows 10 operating system will be unlocked using face, iris or fingerprint recognition.

Once logged-in the device will then authenticate on the users’ behalf for websites and applications, say Microsoft.

The technology giant claims using biometric data is safer than passwords and that it has included “anti-spoofing capabilities” that stops would-be hackers from logging in to a device using a photo or selfie.

A survey for technology firm Centrify claimed businesses lost more than 394 euros each year because of employees grappling with forgotten passwords.

Microsoft, promoting its new Windows Hello technology, said in a blog post: “Today, passwords are the primary method most of us use to protect our personal information, but they are inconvenient and insecure. They are easily hackable and even when complex they are not effective, but most of us want something easy to remember, so we either choose a simple password or end up noting it down somewhere making it less secure. And, to be truly secure, you need to remember dozens of passwords to login to your many devices and services.”

Windows 10 will be released this summer, but no exact date has been fixed, the corporation added.