Apple or Audi which will win the dash for the dashboard

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Apple or Audi which will win the dash for the dashboard

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Judging by the style, comfort, speed and price, the vehicles on display at the Geneva car show appear to ooze confidence.

Well, sales suggest the industry is recovering from the economic meltdown and lower fuel costs are tempting would be buyers to splash the cash on a new set of wheels.

Continued growth is expected in key markets, with some faring better than others. As Henner Lehne, analyst at IHS automotive explains: “2015 will be a good year again, on a global basis, but it always depends on where you are. If you are in the emerging markets, like the rest of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) outside China, you’re not having such a good year.”

Traditional car makers are holding their breath as technology is manoeuvring into pole position and the fabled ‘car of future’ gets ever closer, but will it be Apple, Google or Microsoft or Mercedes which hold the keys.

Frank Rinderknecht is the CEO of Rinspeed: “Today digital natives don’t know anything other than the Internet. So it is a generation matter and we need to adapt to be in that kind of technology. I am sure that our grand children will say “Wow grandad you had pilots, bus drivers, that’s crazy, it is all done by machines now.”

So far Apple has kept its counsel, but the dash for the dashboard is already mid-race.