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You'll be moved by "Spartacus and Cassandra"


You'll be moved by "Spartacus and Cassandra"

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Our film of the week is “Spartacus and Cassandra”, an original and moving documentary about the lives of two Roma children in France.

Spartacus and Cassandra, and those are their real name, live in an illegal circus with a young trapeze artist who tries to help them. When they are discovered by the authorities, the children face an impossible choice – join their parents who live on the streets, or accept a foster family for the sake of a roof over their heads and the opportunity to go to school.

French director Ioannis Nuguet’s sensitive film follows their difficult decision all the way – through their moments of doubt , anger and sadness, but also joy and hope.

More than a documentary about the real life of a Roma family, the film is a truly universal epic where fragile heroes are facing a series of dilemmas and tragedies.

Spartacus and Cassandra were actively involved in the film and were consulted on the choice of images.

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