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Damian Szifron's 'Wild Tales' is a joyful, wild ride


Damian Szifron's 'Wild Tales' is a joyful, wild ride

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Imagine if Risi or Tarantino got together to make a film about revenge. Well, young Argentinian director Damian Szifron has gone ahead and done it.

Forget political correctness, or any restraint or good manners for that matter. Szifron lets rip with gay abandon, and takes the audience’s revenge on officials, idiots and basically anything that moves.

It is his third feature film, and it has been nominated for the Oscars. It shows a clear progression; Szifron has taken great care with the cinematography, the editing is razor-sharp, and the script is Saville Row-tailored with several twists that leap off the screen and smack you in the face.

You leave the cinema feeling rejuvenated, but also with a undercurrent of worry; after all, why shouldn’t we go bonkers from time to time if it feels this good?

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