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Dramatic dashcam video captures Taiwan plane crash


Dramatic dashcam video captures Taiwan plane crash

The dramatic moment a TransAsia Airways plane crashed in Taiwan has been captured on video by a motorist.

The aircraft is seen coming down beside a motorway overpass, clipping a taxi and the side of a bridge. It crashed upside down in shallow water.

The bodies of 23 people killed have now been recovered and 20 people are still missing.

Fifteen people survived the crash, including a child, who was seen being taken away from the site in Taipei.

The plane crashed soon after taking off from a central city airport.

Eyewitnesses say it narrowly avoided hitting high rise apartment buildings before it clipped the overpass.

The aircraft had taken off for a domestic flight to the island of Kinmen.

It is reported the pilot had sounded a Mayday, saying an engine had failed.

The chief executive of TransAsia has apologised to the passengers and crew at a news conference.

Aviation authorities say the plane had recently passed safety checks.

They also say the pilot and co-pilot were experienced, having already clocked up 12,000 flying hours between them.