George Osborne's warning to Greek finance minister

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George Osborne's warning to Greek finance minister

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The Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has met his British counterpart George Osborne in London.

The visit came after the Greek minister had met with several banks and financial institutions.

One unnamed source said he had planned to tell private sector investors they had nothing to worry about over the terms of the Greek debt. The British finance minister had a warning.

“The stand-between Greece and the eurozone is the greatest risk to the global economy, it’s also a rising threat to the British economy. I said to the Greek finance minister to act responsibly but it’s also important that the eurozone has a better plan for jobs and growth,” Osborne said.

Athens’ current deal expires at the end of this month. Ahead of that date the Greeks have met with a tough response for any compromise or change in the current arrangements.

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble told one media outlet Berlin would not accept any unilateral changes to Greece’s debt programme.