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Strange Magic: George Lucas takes animation to whole new realistic level


Strange Magic: George Lucas takes animation to whole new realistic level

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Strange Magic is the latest offering from George Lucas. He says that the film is aimed at a new audience: “Just as ‘Star Wars’ was written for 12-year old boys, I decided I would do one for 12-year old girls. The film is ultimately about the difference between infatuation and true love, and the fact that you can’t always judge a book by its cover.

“These stories that have been told over and over again, which is the same thing as Star Wars. But it is about things kids need to know if they’re going to save themselves a lot of heartache.”

The CGI techniques used to animate the film have produced a very new style. “I wanted to make a film that was even more realistic than what people had done,” said George Lucas. “So we started doing a lot of research, development and, for a lot of the early years, that’s basically what we were doing. We were trying to up the game because it is technology related, so we have to spend a lot of time making things look more realistic. So that was part of the whole idea to take animation to a whole new level.”

Strange Magic will be on UK screens on 11 February.

Other opening dates are:
Italy 11 February 2015
Brazil 12 February 2015
France 25 February 2015
Spain 4 March 2015
Germany 10 March 2015
Australia 1 April 2015
Poland 5 April 2015
Netherlands 19 April 2015
Denmark 25 April 2015

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