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From rags to riches: 'poor but sexy' Berlin sheds its skin


From rags to riches: 'poor but sexy' Berlin sheds its skin

Post re-unification Berlin has become a symbol of German open-mindedness, liberalism and alternative lifestyles.

In the aftermath of the collapse of the wall, curious visitors arrived in droves to visit a city that had been divided for decades and appeared mysterious and perhaps even a little forbidding.

Many liked the free-thinking, anything-goes attitude they found there. This atmosphere was fostered by a new optimistic spirit and a plentiful supply of vacant buildings, which quickly became art workshops, theatres, clubs and generally cool places to hang out. Rent was cheap, or even non-existent, and times were good.

But then the money started to flow in and everything changed. In this edition of Reporter, euronews’ Patrick Wauthier takes a trip around the German capital and meets residents with mixed views on changes that are transforming its character and driving up rents.

Watch the video to find out more.

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