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French MPs release report on end of life care


French MPs release report on end of life care

French MPs have submitted a report to the President on end of life care that stops short of euthanasia.

The proposals allow the right to ‘continuous deep sedation’ to allow terminally ill patients who request it
to lessen their suffering.

President Francois Hollande welcomed the proposals on the controversial issue and said they would form the basis of new laws.

“It’s a big step forward, the law represents a big step forward as it responds to many more situations than we can currently imagine. Dying with dignity in order to live your life to the full, that’s the wish that the lawmakers want to enshrine in the laws of our country,” said the President on the release of the report.

Parliament will debate the draft law in January.

It comes after an elderly couple took their lives in 2013 leaving a note saying they wished to die with dignity, but the issue continues to divide the country.


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