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LeWeb 2014: hanging out with CEO Shehzad Daredia

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Shehzad Daredia is Co-founder and CEO of, a Ycombinator-backed music technology company that creates a home for every song on the internet. aggregates several popular music services (Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, Beats Music, iTunes, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc) into one interface. You can then search for any song, play it using any service, and share/discover with any friend (even if they use a different service than you). powers this same aggregation and service-agnostic music playback for content publishers, messaging clients, social networks, wireless carriers, etc. At, Shehzad is responsible for many 2-letter acronyms such as BD, PM, QA, PR, HR, and especially BS. He was previously an early employee at (acquired by Priceline) and BillShrink/Truaxis (acquired by MasterCard), as well as a venture capital analyst at Rho Ventures. Shehzad graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with degrees in business and engineering. Outside of work, Shehzad excels at basketball, billiards, tennis, and humility.

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