Spain's unemployment figures fall

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Spain's unemployment figures fall

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The number of people out of work in Spain fell for the month of November. There was a drop of 6.2 percent on the year, the sharpest annual dip in any month of November since 1998.

The data from the country’s Labour Ministry marks the first month of decline after three straight months of rises.

The figures were boosted by improvements in the agriculture, industry and construction sectors.

“Spain’s economic growth has meant the creation of jobs so we are seeing a structural change in our jobs market. We are witnessing a strong recovery in the growth of job creation. And that is how we have to continue improving. Because I insist on that. There are many Spaniards without a chance and the government is still working on that,” said Fatima Banez Minister of Labour.

Spain’s economy, the fourth largest in the eurozone has now posted five consecutive quarters of economic growth.

Analysts said a rise in emigration has also contributed to the decrease in unemployment. Preliminary figures showed that just over half a million foreign residents of mostly working age left Spain last year.