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Biden and Poroshenko discuss reform, corruption and democracy


Biden and Poroshenko discuss reform, corruption and democracy

US Vice President Joe Biden and Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko discussed a range of subjects in bilateral talks in Kyiv. They took place to the background of the first anniversary of the Maidan protests.

It had been reported the US Vice President would visit the area but it’s claimed he called it off due to security fears.

The Ukraine president welcomed the support and backing of the US and promised government reform.

The Vice President took the opportunity to strongly criticise Russia’s action in the east of Ukraine and said “Do what you agreed to do Mr. Putin,” referring to elements of the Minsk agreement between Moscow and Kyiv.

But he also laid down the challenge to President Poroshenko. Reform he said should lead to a new government, “in days” he called for the development of democratic institutions and greater integration with Europe. He stressed Kyiv must “route out the cancer of corruption.”


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