Romania's expat voter fiasco causes anger at home and abroad

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Romania's expat voter fiasco causes anger at home and abroad

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In Paris and cities across Europe, thousands of Romanian expatriates struggled to cast their vote in their country’s presidential elections.

They queued outside Romanian embassies on Sunday from early in the morning, often in bad weather. By the time polling stations closed many had been unable to vote.

The same had happened in the first round on November 2. Despite this, the Romanian government refused to open extra polling stations causing anger at home and abroad.

One Romanian voter living in Germany said: “It’s the government’s responsibility to organise the elections. That’s what happened in the first round, and nothing has been done this time to avoid the same mistakes being repeated again”.

Thousands gathered in city squares across Romania to show their solidarity with the expats.

Many believe this is what inspired voters to turn against the government and vote in surprise winner Iohannis.

An estimated four million Romanians live abroad, most of them in Europe.

The surprise result is being seen as the biggest electoral upset in modern Romanian history.