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Californian hip hop ska punk band Dirty Heads hits Europe

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Californian hip hop ska punk band Dirty Heads hits Europe

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After touring the US, Californian band Dirty Heads are hitting Europe as part of their ‘Sound of Change’ tour named after their latest album.

The band is riding high on the success of the album’s eponymous lead single and its follow up track ‘My Sweet Summer’.

“My Sweet Summer is very fun and a little bit more beachy and summery, which is ingrained in us. That’s who we are. And ‘Sound of Change’ is just a little bit more evolved, more leaning towards that bigger, alternative hip-hop side rather than the reggae side of the band,” says lead singer Jared Watson.

Founded nearly 20 years ago, the band didn’t release their first album until 2008. After so many years, band co-founder Jared Watson says their style, which includes a mix of hip hop and ska punk genres, has become quite unique.

“I think we’re an alternative band with hip-hop and reggae influences. I think that’s just the easy, cleanest way (to describe us). I think we’re pretty genre-less. I feel that we’ve separated ourselves enough to where we have pretty much our own sound. I don’t think we sound like anybody else. I think it’s very easy to say like, ‘Oh, that’s the Dirty Heads,’ when you hear us,” says Watson.

The Dirty Heads hit Europe this month with concert dates scheduled in the UK, France, Switzerland and Germany.

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