Rosetta comet lander Philae's pinpoint precision

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Rosetta comet lander Philae's pinpoint precision

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Rosetta! A stunning practical demonstration of applied mathematics, and a reminder how much there is to discover out there.

Perspectives this week starts with Rai 3: the first rendez-vous with a comet, possible seedbed of life.

Rosetta is a European brainchild, launched ten years ago by the European Space Agency. Fifteen European countries plus the US, Canada and Australia collaborated.

Swiss RTS reports the excitement on the ground.

Missions in space, moon missions, mars missions, today a mission to our first comet… Off-planet missions began in the 1950s, sparking unflagging ambitions to learn more.

France 2.

There were some hitches with Churyumov-Gerasimenko Comet. Philae took an unexpected turn; its senders held their breath.

Spanish TVE on the inspiration of the exploit.