Economic sanctions contradict international law, says Putin

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Economic sanctions contradict international law, says Putin

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Ahead of his arrival at the G20 summit in Brisbane, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that economic sanctions imposed over the Ukraine crisis are against the group’s interests and contradict international law.

Speaking to Russian newsagency ITAR-TASS he said: “Of course, it is against the very principles and activity of the G20 and not only is it against the work and principles of the G20, but it also contradicts international law, because sanctions can only be introduced within the framework of the United Nations Security Council. Moreover it is even against the WTO principles.

“And it is harmful. It is harming us to some extent, but it is harmful for them as well, because it undermines the whole system of international economic relations. But I really hope and I am coming from the understanding that finally an agreement will be reached and all of this will be left in the past.”

Sanctions imposed on Russian oil company Rosneft by the US and Europe has forced it to cut staff and sell off Siberian oil fields.

Putin did not rule out that Rosneft would receive support from the state’s welfare fund, but added that it was not experiencing financial problems and a full analysis of their requirements was necessary.