Nick Jonas drops Disney boy band image with new solo album

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Nick Jonas drops Disney boy band image with new solo album

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Moving on from his squeaky-clean Disney Channel boy band image, Nick Jonas – the youngest member of the Jonas Brothers – is going solo, opting for a radical image make-over, involving and a self-titled album.

Based on his real-life relationship with his Miss Universe girlfriend, his single ‘Jealous’ jumped to No. 27 on the Billboard’s Hot 100.

“I worked with a really talented visual artist named Peter Tunney for this video, who had a vision to layer the video in a way where you’d have to go back and watch it many times to see all the different pieces and some of the hidden messages and things like that. And we wanted it to feel really organic and authentic to me and, you know, things that are relevant to me,” he said.

Though he has released albums apart from his brothers in the past, this one is mostly about love and lust, with musical influences from his favourite artists including Stevie Wonder, Prince, Lionel Richie and the Bee Gees.

“It is very exciting. I think the goal, this time around, is to surprise people in all elements with the music and with my voice specifically. But also with my transparency in the lyrics and kind of the way I’m trying to carry myself. Just be me and not being afraid to say or do anything outside of the realm of what I should be doing. More just being me. It’s incredibly freeing and it’s a way more enjoyable ride,” said the young artist.

The album has received positive reviews with one critic recommending it to anyone who "want(s) to enjoy meaningful tunes with actual talent to back it up", while another praises the young artist’s maturity saying the album offers "music that fans new and old can appreciate".

Nick Jonas’ self-titled album is out now.

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