Blondie's Chris Stein marks iconic band's 40th with photo exhibition

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Blondie's Chris Stein marks iconic band's 40th with photo exhibition

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Previously unpublished photographs by Blondie co-founder Chris Stein have gone on show in London as the legendary band marks its 40th anniversary.

The band’s guitarist, Stein is also an acclaimed photographer, whose work may seem familiar to fans as some of it was used as promo material, especially in the early days.

“Having been in the middle of all that, it was an exciting period. I don’t think I really thought about documenting what was going on. It was just casual and friendly in a lot of ways, and trying to make the images look good,” said Stein.

Many of the photographs on display capture popular hot spots in New York where Blondie performed alongside artists like the Ramones, David Bowie, Iggy Pop and the Sex Pistols.

The show also features a selection of private shots, showing intimate moments Stein shared with the band’s iconic lead singer and his former partner, Debbie Harry.

“Well, it was very comfortable and I think that we definitely understood each other and you know,” recounted Harry. “It wasn’t like a lot of times doing photo sessions you have to sort of establish a rapport or understanding of the language of the photographer. But since we already had an understanding and worked together, it seemed very easy.”

‘Chris Stein/Negative: Me, Blondie and the Advent of Punk’ runs at London’s ==

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