Pressure mounts on Mexican govt over missing students case

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Pressure mounts on Mexican govt over missing students case

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There is anger on the streets of Mexico over the case of more than 40 students thought to have been murdered by drug gangs.

Demonstrators have turned out in their thousands calling for justice, saying not enough is being done to investigate the killings.

One protester, Luis Manuel Sanchez Navarro told reporters:

“On all levels, justice has hit rock bottom. We are dealing with a dreadful government, and I hope the result of this is that the Mexican people express their anger and  something serious happens.”

The missing students are thought to have been abducted by corrupt police and then killed and incinerated by gangsters.

Over the weekend demonstrators set fire to the door of the national palace in Mexico City, an incident condemned by the country’s president.

But Peña Nieto has been criticised for travelling overseas as the crisis engulfs his government back home.

Officials have stopped short of officially confirming the missing students’ deaths saying there is still a lack of definite evidence.