World Travel Market 2014 interview – Teona Chachua, Georgia

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World Travel Market 2014 interview – Teona Chachua, Georgia

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At the World Travel Market 2014 in London, the leading event for the global travel industry, euronews spoke to Teona Chachua, Specialist of Brand Development Department at the Georgian National Tourism Administration about which tourists visit Georgia and about the growing number of visitors this year. Video in English.

“We have a lot of visitors from our neighboring countries, so Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia. We have recently a lot of visitors from Poland, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine, which we are very proud of. We get a lot of attention from Poland in particular and we love the attention we are getting from them. It is one of the top five countries that come and visit us. Last year we had a huge number of visitors and the rise was actually crazy for us to believe. We had more than 5 million coming to our land as tourists. This year, until October we already have more than 4 million, and until the end of the year we expect to exceed these numbers even more.”